Sunday, 1 June 2014

(Week 2) GSoC 2014: Extending Neural Networks Module for Scikit learn

I apologize for not posting my progress in GSoC 2014 for the past week. I was not aware of the weekly blog post requirement. However, I have been posting my progress in the Github link:

From this week onward, I will announce my weekly progress in detail.

To get an overview of what I have done so far,

1) I fixed the issues with hyperbolic tan activation function for the multi-layer perceptron pull-request I am implementing for scikit-learn; and

2) I extended multi-layer perceptron to support more than one hidden layer with additional unit tests to make sure the algorithm runs correctly.

While I was expected to finish the documentation for multi-layer perceptron (MLP)in the first week, my mentor and I decided to first extend it to support more than one hidden layer.

For next week, I will complete the documentation for the extended MLP as well as address any comments my mentors will issue for the implementation.

I am saving the detailed description of the algorithm for the documentation. Once completed, I will post the documentation here in full.

Thank you.

Relevant Github links,

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